Tuition is due the first class day of each month.  Your child’s tuition envelope will be sent home with your child at the end of each month within his or her communication folder.  Please return the envelope with the tuition enclosed by the first class day of the following month.  You may either send it with your child in his or her communication folder or personally bring it to the preschool or church office.  If tuition is not received within one week, a letter will be sent stating that your child will not be allowed to return to school if payment is not received before the 15th. 

2023-24 Tuition

  • 3/4 Year Old Three Day Program (Mon, Wed, Fri 8:30-11:30am) – $105.00 per month
  • 4/5 Year Old SWVPP Program (Tues through Fri 12:30-3:30pm) – FREE
  • 4/5 Year Old 5-Day Program (Mon through Fri 12:30-3:30pm) – $50.00 per month

We understand that there may be unusual circumstances that make it difficult to pay at the stated time.  If so, PLEASE visit with the director to designate an alternate date.